Why is the News Important?

News is important in today’s world. It’s important because it provides an avenue to share information with others. The same is true of social media. Whether you are interested in the latest celebrity scandal or the next big thing in tech, it’s a good idea to be up to date.

Interestingly, there’s been a spike in interest in news since the advent of smartphones. This influx has raised many questions regarding the future of journalism in a entertainment-dominated medium. One major question is whether the old ways of doing things are still relevant.

For example, the “happy talk” format of local news has given way to the fast paced infotainment style of news programming we see in primetime in the United States. A current fad amongst comedians is to blur the line between news and entertainment.

However, the evening news is still considered to be a work in progress. Despite the best efforts of networks to expand news programming, most industrialized nations still only devote a few minutes to national news in primetime.

While the evening news has its downsides, it has been improved upon over the last few decades. In fact, it’s a much better product than it was in the ’70s.

Amongst the most intriguing changes are the evolution of a tabloid – or tabloid-like – news magazine. These publications are a mix of hard news, entertainment, and fun-facts that have little substance. They borrow from the conventions of the old news shows to create a new model of television.