What is Effect of Online Games?

Despite its positive aspects, gaming can also lead to a lot of negative effects. One way to minimize the impact of games is to limit the amount of time spent playing. Another is to engage in healthy activities.

Excessive gaming can affect students’ health. It can lead to problems with social interactions, academic performance, and sleep. There are several treatments for Internet gaming disorder. Some include cognitive behavioral therapy and harm reduction.

Online gaming has become a popular form of leisure activity for adolescents. Studies have shown that online gamers are likely to have greater exposure to psychosomatic symptoms and musculoskeletal conditions livechatvalue. They are also more likely to develop depressive symptoms.

The study involved a sample of 3,034 teenagers. Participants were asked to rate their motives for playing multiplayer online games. They were then given a questionnaire to answer about their average hours of game play. Their answers ranged from a few minutes to over five hours a day.

The research found that the likelihood of depressive symptoms increased with the time spent playing on weekdays. However, this was not the case for students who opted to play for fun. This was more apparent in teens from low income households.

The researchers found that young gamers tend to use video games as a means of escaping from negative emotions. They feel that gaming is an escape from anxiety, fear of the future, and school exams.

Adolescents who use online games are likely to have better interpersonal relationships with others than those who don’t. Eight out of ten online gamers felt more connected to others when they played with friends naasongs.net.