Tips and Guides for Guided Learning

Guided Learning is a software solution that lets you create guides for all of your domains. The platform offers a searchable database of guides. You can also link your guides to each other via Guide Activation Conditions.

When you’re writing a guide, it’s a good idea to come up with something that’s both informative and useful. A how-to guide is the ideal choice. It’s a way to educate readers about a particular subject and give them something to use in their daily lives.

Some tips and guides are simply instructional, but others require a more in-depth explanation. One example is a guide about avalanche safety.

For a how-to guide to be successful, it needs to be informative, easy to follow, and able to entertain the reader. This may involve a series of posts or one concise tutorial.

In addition to providing information, a guide may also provide a witty commentary on the topic. Advice is a definite plus, and can be a useful way to get your readers to think about their problem and consider solutions.

One way to accomplish this is with the aid of an image. This may be done by using the media embed button in the Advanced Settings Panel. If you don’t have a web hosting service, you can make your guide’s media files available via a URL or session variable.

There are a number of other features to take advantage of with Guided Learning, from the ability to use multiple popup windows to the ability to link different guides to your domain.