Life Hacks for Cooking: How to Start Cooking Even Tastier?

Everyone loves to eat delicious food. But delicious cooking is an art that needs to be learned. And today you will learn useful cooking tips that will allow you to cook even tastier. Sometimes the recipe for cooking a dish can be simple, but knowledge of life hacks will help you avoid failures. We hope they will at least make everyday work at the stove a little easier and add points to your culinary skills Result.

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Juicy Chicken Cutlets

There is an eternal trouble with chicken breast — minced meat from it, although it turns out to be dietary, but almost always dry. Try replacing some of the meat with fresh natural cottage cheese with an average mass fraction of fat content. You can also grate a small zucchini into minced meat, finely chop an onion or chop more greens. But it is better to add bread soaked in milk to fish cutlets digitalpinas.

Lush Cheesecakes

Do you remember the fabulously airy cheesecakes performed by grandma? One of her secrets is to rub the cottage cheese through a sieve. But modern housewives recommend taking a little rice flour for dough along with wheat flour. Then the cheesecakes will keep a neat round shape and will turn red repetitively. In addition, they will no longer be so high in calories odisha discom.

Poached Eggs

On what attempt will you cook poached eggs? Here’s a hint on how to do it elegantly and without fuss. Carefully break the egg into a strainer so that the yolk is not damaged. Let the most liquid fraction of the protein drain. Carefully immerse a strainer with an egg in boiling acidified water, give it a little grip, and let it float freely. After 3-4 minutes it will be possible to get ready poached walmart.

Foam for Coffee

Do you want to learn how to make a lush dense foam for coffee without special devices? No problem! Take about 100 ml of whole milk, beat it well with a whisk in a glass cup, and put it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds at maximum power. Next, it will remain to carefully pour a thick foam cap over the hot coffee.

Creative Breading

Ground breadcrumbs for breading — the last century. It is much tastier to make it from salted crackers, oatmeal or corn flakes, or potato chips. Chop them in any convenient way before you start frying cutlets. But don’t grind too hard. Let large particles remain in the breading — for an appetizing crunch on the teeth.

Golden Roast

A little trick to give the onion and carrot browning a beautiful golden hue. In the frying process, add a pinch of sugar to the vegetables. The caramelization effect will allow you to achieve the desired effect. If you fry only onions, lightly sprinkle it with flour so that it turns golden sooner. By the way, the soup with such a roast will also acquire a rich color.

Transparent Broth

In order for the meat broth to turn out transparent, it is not at all necessary to remove the incoming unappetizing foam during cooking every five minutes. You can get rid of it at the very beginning. Just put the raw meat on the bones not in cold (as we were taught), but in hot water with a temperature of 60 °C. You can determine it without a thermometer by the first air bubbles that pop up from the bottom.

Sweet Notes in Meat

It is generally believed that cinnamon is suitable exclusively for baking and desserts. But its culinary application is much broader. Put a small amount of this spice when stewing meat or making minced meat. It will give the finished dishes pleasant sweet notes. This is especially true if you cook in an Asian style. You can also add cinnamon to the marinade for kebabs.

Perfect Rice

To cook snow-white crumbly rice, grain to grain is easy. Professional chefs do this: it is necessary to rinse the rice well in cold water — at least 5 times. This way you will get rid of starch, which glues the grains together. And to make them as white as the first snow, pour a little vinegar into the water during cooking.

Lemon Is Intact

If a recipe requires a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice, there is no need to cut it. Pierce the peel to the pulp with an awl or nail and squeeze out the right amount of juice. And if you need to grate the zest on a fine grater, cover it with cling film on the inside. Thanks to this, you do not have to pick out small particles of zest from tiny cells.

Soft Baking

Nothing can compare with fresh homemade cakes. So that it does not become stale the next day, there is an easy way. Add semolina to the dough when kneading, at the rate of 1 tbsp. l. per 500 ml of liquid ingredients. Due to this, baking will retain its softness for a long time. However, this life hack is only suitable for pies, buns, pancakes, pancakes, and bread. For puff pastry, shortbread, and custard dough, it is not relevant.

Sticky Ingredients

If according to the recipe you need to measure a certain amount of honey, peanut butter, or melted chocolate, then lubricate a spoon or measuring container with a thin layer of vegetable oil. Or even better — spray from a spray bottle. Then the viscous ingredients will completely drain, the consumption of the product will be economical, and it will be easier to wash the dishes.


Such small tips can greatly simplify the cooking process and improve its result. We hope that our life hacks were useful for you and you will definitely put them into practice. Good luck with your recipes and dishes! And thanks for reading the article!