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There are so many options when it comes to online music promotion Chinabased. You can stream and upload your song or album, or even promote your band’s music. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before deciding on one of the websites that offer these services.


PureVolume is a music website that enables consumers to listen to new music. The website has many features, including the option to download music for free, create music profiles, and interact with artists. This site also offers music videos and a variety of categories.

When PureVolume first launched, it was intended as a way to help artists and labels find new music. It provided a platform for indie artists to upload their music. After a while, it became a popular way for labels to discover new rock acts.

After PureVolume’s launch in 2003, the site helped to launch bands such as Paramore and Gym Class Heroes. It also served as an A&R tool for labels looking for new rock acts.


PureVolume is a site that allows users to listen to music, and download it to their computers. It’s a free streaming service that’s designed to help users discover new artists. The site has a library of downloadable music to choose from, and users can create their own profiles to keep track of songs they like.

While it isn’t exactly the first free music downloading site, it has certainly been around for a while. In fact, it is one of the most popular.

One of its biggest selling points is that it is a legal music site. Unlike most other sites, however, it does not require users to register before they can begin to stream or download music ailovemusic.


PureVolume is a website that provides streaming and downloads of music. It allows people to find new music, share it with others, and interact with artists. They are a social networking site whose main goal is to promote emerging artists. In addition, they have a built-in media player that allows people to play the songs they download.

The website offers a variety of categories, including music videos and news. It also has a search bar and a sign-up button. However, users are not required to sign up in order to enjoy the site.

Some of the more interesting features of PureVolume are its privacy policies and the fact that it offers a free streaming service. It also has a feature that enables its users to create profiles and track the songs they like. This enables them to get a sense of which artists they like the most.

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PureVolume is a music website that promotes upcoming and emerging artists. The website focuses on unsigned and independent rock acts. It also offers other genres such as alternative, emo and hardcore. Founded by Brett Woitunski and Nate Hudson, PureVolume gives listeners the chance to interact with artists.

Its interface is very easy to navigate. You can create a profile, share your music, and receive updates. Unlike other sites, PureVolume doesn’t have a lot of advertisements or cluttered pages. It also ranks the most popular artists and songs. For a fee, you can sign up for a membership that includes advanced features. There is a one month trial period.


The PureVolume SXSW Party is presented by Buzznet. While you won’t find any actual buzzwords at this event, it does offer plenty of great tunes. This year’s lineup includes Forever the Sickest Kids, Every Avenue, and Tonight Alive. It’s all in a great venue, and it’s sure to be a good time.

The PureVolume was originally a music discovery site. It aimed to assist indie labels in finding new artists. They could then give them some exposure by making their songs available for free download. However, the PureVolume also provided its users with a more comprehensive experience. That is, it offered them the ability to listen to songs, create profiles, and interact with other artists.


When it comes to promoting your music online, there are many options available. For example, ReverbNation is a website that offers all sorts of widgets and tools that will help you get the word out. If you want to make your artist profile stand out, you can use the website’s widgets to showcase upcoming shows, your music, and other pertinent information. In addition to that, the site has an attractive interface, a feature that many other sites do not have.

There are also features such as the ability to track listeners and fans, the ability to create an EPK, and even a fan mail tool called FanReach. This free service can help you reach your fans with an email or a direct message.